HOTINT | Features

HOTINT is available in three different versions, namely as an easy to use installer version, as C++ source code for proficient engineers and as customized versions for professional users.

Installer Version

Standalone installer

Perfect for

  • Education
  • Personal use
  • Professionals



  • Rapid and simple creation of models
  • Easy testing of feedback control designs
  • Steep learning curve for new users
  • Immediate visualization




  • Intuitive GUI
  • Easy to learn script language
    • syntax similar to MATLAB

Simulation modes

  • Transient simulations
  • Static simulations
  • Eigenmode computation

Available Elements

  • Rigid Bodies
  • Flexible Bodies
  • Finite Elements
  • Constraints
  • Sensors
  • Actuators
  • IO-Elements similar to MATLAB-Simulink

Open Source

Requires Visual Studio

Perfect for

  • Education
  • Professionals



  • Full flexibility
    • create complex models
    • define your own elements
    • change GUI
  • Permissive license
    • Most parts are licensed BSD-3 alike
  • Programming experience in C++ is necessary
  • The compiled version is identical to the installer version
    • including your C++ models available from the GUI
    • including your user-defined elements available from GUI and script language
    • the compiled program is easy to use



Additional to the Freeware Version

  • Write models in C++
  • Create your own elements
  • Modal Reduction
  • More flexibility with finite elements

Customized Version

User specific version

Perfect for

  • Professionals



Get your personally adapted version of HOTINT.

  • Built-in models
  • User specific elements
  • User specific graphical user interface
  • User specific features

We have expertise in efficient and scientifically accurate modeling of complex mechatronic systems. See Support & Services for more information about our commercial services, or contact our sales team.

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